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Welcome to Unixmo, 

Born out of a passion for the automotive industry, we established Unixmo to foster various connections within the industry, contributing to the growth and success of the New Zealand automotive community.

Unixmo is proud to be New Zealand-owned.
We are committed to supporting local businesses and enthusiasts.

Unixmo was founded with a clear mission—to specifically support the New Zealand automotive industry. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with operating in this market, and we are dedicated to providing a platform that caters to the distinct needs of our local community.

We are not just a platform; we are enthusiasts and professionals deeply embedded in the automotive industry. Our management team consists of individuals with hands-on experience in the field, giving us valuable insights into how things operate. This inside knowledge allows us to tailor our platform to meet the real needs of automotive businesses and enthusiasts.

At Unixmo, we recognize that every automotive business is unique, and each individual within the industry has distinct requirements.

That’s why we take pride in offering a personalised, 1 on 1 experience. Whether you are a business owner listing cars, parts, services, or jobs, or a passionate individual looking for the perfect automotive match, Unixmo is here to provide a tailored experience that goes beyond the ordinary.